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  • International Conference on 
    Bacteriology and Environmental Microbiology

    Theme : The Emerging New Trends in Bacteriology & Environmental Microbiology
    Sep 16-18 , 2019, Philadelphia, USA

Welcome to Bacteriology 2018

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Welcome to the wonderful International Conference on Bacteriology & Environmental Microbiology.

Bacteria are very important in the field of medicine, agriculture and environmental studies. Bacteria are the cause of major diseases. They are single-celled microorganisms and do not have a nuclear membrane. Bacteriology is the study of bacteria and their relation to medicine. Bacteriology applies germ theory to test the spoilage of foods and wines. Infectious diseases have become widespread threatening human lives. Infectious diseases are those which are caused by bacteria like E.coli, Salmonella, H.pylori, N.gonorrhoeae, N.meningitidis, S.aureus, and S.bacteria. It includes diseases like pneumonia, meningitis, gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections. Hygiene, clean surroundings, vaccinations are some of the preventive measures that can save human beings from infectious diseases. Microbiology is the science of studying small living organisms. Microbiology plays a dominant role in the study of prevention of infectious diseases.

This conference discusses new trends, new discoveries, and new approaches, the advanced technologies in combating infectious diseases and their role in the environmental cleanup. Why there is a continuous rise in infectious diseases, pollution in the world. What are the advanced developments in bacteriology and how it helps in containing infectious diseases and environmental cleanup? There will be discussions, debates, lectures, live-wire interactions, keynote addresses, plenary talks, poster sessions, workshops, and symposia etc. You can learn more about infectious diseases, the role of bacteriology and how it helps in combating infectious diseases. This Conference is aimed at enhancing your knowledge further which we are sure is going to help you in your profession and career.

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